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- International Royalty Office -

You are a plant breeder and you want an all-round support and advice about
plant variety rights, trademark rights and licensing issues?

We are an international royalty office offering our services to provide the worldwide management
of these protection rights for plants of all species since 1953 (as a private company since 1991).

Rely on our allround service as an experienced and professional partner.

Our Services

What DSG Berlin can do for you

Advisory Service

on possibilities for a global exploitation of plant breedings in view of:

Protective rights

  • Formalities for warranting of plant variety rights
  • Formalities for warranting of trademark rights
  • Management and support during term of validity

Contract management

Conclusion and management of

  • Testing agreements
  • Laboratory agreements
  • Licence agreements
  • Root and sell agreements
  • Sales agreements

Royalty settlement

  • Query of sales reports
  • Collection of royalties
  • Evaluation of accounting results


  • Visits of mother plant stocks
  • Inspection visits to licensees, propagators
    and marketing organisations


Your contact person

Dr. Marc-André Sparke

managing director

Rica Brabandt

royalty calculation

Jenifer Wittfoth

contract matters/property rights

Veronika Schilinski

Deutsche Saatgutgesellschaft mbH Berlin

International Royalty Office

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